Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

China's Green Growth

Stanford partners with Chinese Academy of Sciences to restore valuable natural services and alleviate poverty.

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Yangshuo, China

Offshore Oil Expansion?

Stanford experts discuss law and environment issues related to the possible expansion of offshore oil drilling in California. 

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Santa Barbara, Calif.

Fishing's Footprint

Satellite data illuminate global fishing’s scope, and hold promise for improving ocean management. 

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Dalian, China

Incentivizing Conservation

Gretchen Daily, a pioneer in mapping and modeling the value of ecological resources to human well being, speaks at Stanford. 

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Stanford University

Growth and Sanitation

Stanford-led trial shows interventions expected to improve children’s growth and development failed to do so.

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Seeking Solutions

Cost-effective ecological interventions for diseases, suprising findings on sanitation and child growth, sustainable supply chains and more - read our latest newsletter.

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