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Publications: 2016

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Comparing Local Groundwater Withdrawal Permitting Laws in the Southwest and California
Rebecca Nelson, Debra Perrone
Freshwater | Research Brief | Dec 1, 2016

Projecting Forward: A Framework for Groundwater Model Development Under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
Tara Moran
Freshwater | Workshop Report | Nov 29, 2016

An Increase in Extreme-Weather Winters for the United States
Deepti Singh, Noah Diffenbaugh, Leif Thomas, Bala Rajaratnam, Justin S Mankin, Daniel E. Horton, Daniel Swain
Climate | Research Brief | Nov 28, 2016

New U.S. Leadership, Next Steps on Climate Change: Cross Sector Insights and Recommendations to Guide a New Administration
David J. Hayes, Jagdeep Singh Bachher, Amy Meyers Jaffe, Michele Barry, Diana Chapman Walsh, Katherine States Burke, Christopher Field, Katharine Mach, Michael Gergen, Kate Gordon, Reed Hundt, Jill Bunting, Robert Jackson, Arun Majumdar, Nancy Pfund, Kristofer Holz, Dan Reicher, William Reilly, George P. Shultz, Michael Wara
Climate | Workshop Report | Nov 1, 2016

2015 - 2016 Annual Report
Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
Climate | Natural Capital | Food Security | Freshwater | Oceans | Public Health | Other | Sustainability | Annual Reports | Oct 19, 2016

Kinematic Diversity in Rorqual Whale Feeding Mechanisms
David A. Cade, Ari S. Friedlaender, John Calambokidis, Jeremy A. Goldbogen
Oceans | Published Work | Oct 9, 2016

Brief: Energy Security and Expanding the Clean Energy Economy
Arun Majumdar
Other | Research Brief | Oct 2, 2016

Brief: New Assessment Tools for Water Vulnerability
Barton "Buzz" Thompson
Freshwater | Research Brief | Oct 2, 2016

Brief: Aquaculture and Global Food Security
Rosamond Naylor
Food Security | Research Brief | Oct 2, 2016

Brief: Using Satellite Data to Monitor Groundwater Levels
Rosemary Knight
Freshwater | Research Brief | Sep 26, 2016

Brief: Canned Food Linked to Higher Exposure to the Chemical BPA in a First-of-its-Kind Nationally Representative Sample
Jennifer Hartle
Public Health | Research Brief | Sep 6, 2016

Health: The Human Face of Climate Change, Perspective and Recommendations for the Next U.S. President
Katherine States Burke, Diana Chapman Walsh, Michele Barry
Climate | Public Health | Other | Aug 31, 2016

Brief: Benefits and Economic Costs of Managed Aquifer Recharge in California
Debra Perrone, Melissa M. Rohde
Freshwater | Research Brief | Jul 20, 2016

From the Ground Down: Understanding Local Groundwater Data Collection and Sharing Practices in California
Tara Moran, Amanda Cravens, Janet Martinez, Leon Szeptycki
Freshwater | Other | Jun 28, 2016

Brief: Fulfilling the Promise of California's Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
Tara Moran
Freshwater | Research Brief | Jun 28, 2016

Brief: China's First National Ecosystem Assessment
Gretchen Daily
Natural Capital | Research Brief | Jun 19, 2016

Brief: Expanding Californias Water Resources with Deep Groundwater
Robert Jackson, Mary Kang
Freshwater | Research Brief | Jun 15, 2016

Optimizing White House and Cabinet Agencies' Roles in Implementing Federal Climate Change Initiatives
David J. Hayes
Climate | Other | Apr 25, 2016

Brief: Renewing Investment in Our Water System
Newsha Ajami, Kim Quesnel, Barton "Buzz" Thompson
Freshwater | Research Brief | Mar 19, 2016

Brief: Overcoming Fragmentation in the Water Sector to Promote Water Innovation
Newsha Ajami, Barton "Buzz" Thompson
Freshwater | Research Brief | Mar 19, 2016

Brief: The Path to Water Innovation
Newsha Ajami, Barton "Buzz" Thompson
Freshwater | Research Brief | Mar 17, 2016

Brief: Executive Summary: Ecosystems of California
Harold Mooney, Erika Zavaleta
Natural Capital | Freshwater | Oceans | Conservation | Research Brief | Feb 11, 2016

Tapping Into Alternative Ways to Fund Innovative and Multi-Purpose Water Projects: A Financing Framework from the Electricity Sector
Kim Quesnel, Newsha Ajami, Noemi Wyss
Freshwater | Other | Feb 1, 2016

Codiga Resource Recovery Center Factsheet
Craig Criddle, Sebastien Tillmans
Freshwater | Fact Sheet | Jan 25, 2016