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Publications: 2011

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Preparing for the Future: Climate Change and the Monterey Bay Shorelines
Adina Abeles, Karen Grimmer, Hilary Papendick
Oceans | Workshop Report | Dec 5, 2011

Ocean Conservation Strategies and the Next Decade of Marine Conservation Philanthropy
Meg Caldwell, Larry Crowder, Stephen Palumbi, Xaiver Basurto, Alice Chiu, Rod Fujita, Peter Kareiva, Whitney Smith, Mike Weber, Thomas Hayden
Oceans | Other | Oct 31, 2011

Fine-scale bacterial community dynamics and the taxa-time relationship within a full-scale activated sludge bioreactor
Wells GF, Park HD, Eggleston B, Christopher Francis, Craig Criddle
Freshwater | Published Work | Aug 15, 2011

Do Introductory Sentences Cause Acquiescence Response Bias in Survey Questions?
Jon Krosnick, Ana Villar, Bo MacInnis
Climate | Other | Other | | Jul 31, 2011

The Impact of Candidates' Statements about Climate Change on Electoral Success in 2010: Experimental Evidence
Jon Krosnick, Ana Villar, Bo MacInnis
Climate | Other | Other | | Jul 6, 2011

California Foothills Legacy Area Planning Update
Natural Capital | Conservation | Other | May 30, 2011

Global Warming vs. Climate Change, Taxes Vs. Prices: Does Word Choice Matter?
Jon Krosnick, Ana Villar
Climate | Other | Other | | Apr 13, 2011

Measuring Performance of Water Systems in California
Thomas Mercer, Jon Christensen
Freshwater | Workshop Report | Mar 31, 2011

Uncommon Innovation: Developments in Groundwater Management Planning in California
Rebecca Nelson
Freshwater | Workshop Report | Feb 28, 2011