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Woods offers a broad array of conferences, webinars, and in-person briefings to ensure Stanford's environmental findings reach those who can use them. Along the way we create forums for scholars and experts across government, NGO and corporate sectors to engage with different perspectives on some of the world's toughest sustainability challenges. Learn more about our events below and subscribe for announcements to join the conversation.

Upcoming Events

Featured Event Series

Conversations with...

Each year we invite top experts, leaders and practitioners to visit Stanford for in-depth conversations with our extended community. These wide-ranging discussions give faculty, students, and staff unique opportunities for candid discussion with and pioneering scholars, policymakers, entrepreneurs and more. 

Environmental Forum

The Environmental Forum brings global experts from within Stanford and other leading academic institutions, government, NGOs, foundations and business to inform the Stanford community about a broad range of environmental issues and solutions. The forum is open to Stanford faculty, graduate students, postdocs, and staff. 

Environment & Energy Panels

A freshwater stream

In our ongoing series of policy-focused briefings exploring the intersection of environmental and energy concerns, Stanford researchers join with other cross-sector experts to highlight pressing environmental and energy challenges.

Wildland Fire Seminar Series

In recent years, wildfire has gone from an infrequent and distant news item to a centerstage issue spanning many consecutive weeks for urban and suburban communities.  Frequent wildfires are changing everyday lives for California in numerous ways.


Past Events