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DC Bootcamp Participants on Capitol Hill
Rising Environmental Leadership Program fellows participate in DC Bootcamp each spring.

The Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment offers postdoctoral scholars, graduate and undergraduate students valuable education and support to advance their research and maximize its impact. Through a variety of training and mentorship programs focused on skills, knowledge and networks, we give students the communications and leadership skills to become global leaders in their fields. Through grants and stipends, we help young researchers move their ideas into action. 

COP28 Travel Stipends

Graduate students traveling to the 2023 United Nations climate summit known as the Conference of the Parties (COP) applied through the Woods Institute for support from the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability. As part of Stanford's unofficial observer delegation, students were reimbursed for 5-6 days of hotel, per diem, ground transportation and travel visa costs, and attended pre-COP28 planning workshops. Students reflected on their experience and takeaways in a post-COP28 webinar.  
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Forum for Undergraduate Environmental Leadership (FUEL)

FUEL seeks to advance environmental leadership among Stanford undergraduates and co-terminal students by providing a forum in which a select group of students can meet and network with emerging leaders and seasoned professionals in both the private and public sectors.
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Mel Lane Student Program

This program offers grants for Stanford student-driven-and-managed environmental projects that make a measureable impact on sustainability issues through action or applied academic research. Preference is given to projects that focus on environmental sustainability within one of the following topic areas: climate, ecosystem services, food security, freshwater, oceans, public health and sustainable development. 
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Mentoring Undergratuates in Interdisciplinary Research (MUIR) Program

MUIR provides stipends to full- and part-time Stanford undergraduate students to conduct interdisciplinary environmental research during the summer. Faculty are welcome to apply on behalf of undergraduates at all levels and from all departments. Students wishing to initiate a project need to approach a faculty member who is willing to apply on the student's behalf. 
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Rising Environmental Leaders Program (RELP)

This program helps graduate students and postdoctoral scholars hone their leadership and communications skills to maximize the impact of their research. Professional development opportunities include introductions to global leaders from government, NGOs, think tanks and businesses.
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Stanford Environmental Internships in California

The State of California is a leader in developing cutting-edge policies in response to climate change as well as other environmental and natural resource challenges – public policy efforts that other states, the federal government and nations follow closely and seek to imitate. The Stanford Woods Institute identifies key state agencies and decision-makers who are addressing these pressing environmental issues to create exciting summer internship placement opportunities for Stanford undergraduates.
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YES! (Young Environmental Scholars) Conference  

Conference that brings together graduate students, professional school students and postdoctoral students across Stanford for a day of innovative dialogue, productive collaboration and real world problem-solving on pressing environmental topics with the goals of building a network of interdisciplinary problem-solvers and new solutions for the future.
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