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Publications: 2012

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Intra-Household Externalities and Low Demand for a New Technology: Experimental Evidence on Improved Cookstoves
Grant Miller, A. Mushfiq Mobarak
Climate | Public Health | Other | Nov 30, 2012

Nitrogen Removal with Energy Recovery Through N2O Decomposition
Yaniv D. Scherson, George F. Wells, Sung-Geun Woo, Jangho Lee, Joonhong Park, Brian J. Cantwell, Craig Criddle
Freshwater | Published Work | Nov 5, 2012

Executive Summary - International Airport Project for the South: Context, Perceptions and Perspectives
Katiana Murilla Aguilar
Natural Capital | Sustainability | Conservation | Other | Oct 22, 2012

El Proyecto de Aeropuerto Internacional para El Sur: Contexto, Percepciones Y Perspectivas
Katiana Murilla Aguilar
Natural Capital | Sustainability | Conservation | Other | Oct 15, 2012

Biofuels, Rural Development and the Changing Nature of Agricultural Demand
Rosamond Naylor
Food Security | Other | Jul 31, 2012

Low Demand for Nontraditional Cookstove Technologies
Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak, Puneet Dwivedi, Robert Bailis, Lynn Hildemann, Grant Miller
Climate | Public Health | Published Work | Jun 10, 2012

Instituting Integration: Findings of the Comparative Groundwater Law & Policy Programs Workshop 1
Rebecca Nelson
Freshwater | Workshop Report | Apr 30, 2012

Rising to the Challenge: Results of the 2011 California Coastal Adaption Needs Assessment
Juliette A. Finzi Hart, Phyllis M. Grifman, Susanne C. Moser, Adina Abeles, Monique R. Myers, Susan C. Schlosser, Julia A. Ekstrom
Oceans | Other | Apr 30, 2012

Why Ocean Acidification Matters
Meg Caldwell, Ryan Kelly
Oceans | Other | Feb 29, 2012

Trends Between 2008 and 2010 in American Public Opinion Regarding Whether the U.S. Should Take Unilateral Action on Climate Change
Jon Krosnick, Bo MacInnis
Climate | Other | Other | | Feb 29, 2012

Freshwater Availability and Water Fetching Distance Affect Child Health in Sub-Saharan Africa
Amy Pickering, Jennifer Davis
Public Health | Published Work | Feb 8, 2012