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Publications: 2018

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The Endangerment Finding: An Even Stronger Case Now
Philip B. Duffy, Noah Diffenbaugh, Scott C. Doney, Zoe Dutton, Sherri Goodman, Lisa Heinzerling, Solomon Hsiang, David Lobell, Loretta J. Mickley, Samuel Myers, Susan M. Natali, Camille Parmesan, Susan Tierney, A. Park Williams
Climate | Research Brief | Dec 12, 2018

Microplastics: Developing Standards that Inform Policy
Craig Criddle
Other | Research Brief | Nov 28, 2018

AquaCharge: A Design Tool for Balancing Groundwater Management Trade-Offs
Jonathan Bradshaw, Richard Luthy
Freshwater | Research Brief | Nov 6, 2018

2018 U.S. Election - Media Tip Sheet
Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
Other | Other | Nov 6, 2018

2017 - 2018 Annual Report
Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
Climate | Natural Capital | Food Security | Freshwater | Oceans | Public Health | Other | Sustainability | Annual Reports | Nov 1, 2018

Tools for Sustainable Fisheries: EcoCast and Dynamic Ocean Management
Elliot Hazen, Larry Crowder, Sarah Mesnick
Oceans | Research Brief | Oct 14, 2018

California Water: Quantity, Quality and Public Health
Rosemary Knight, Scott Fendorf, Ryan Smith
Freshwater | Research Brief | Oct 4, 2018

About Us: Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions
Nicole Kravec
Oceans | Other | Oct 2, 2018

Climate Research at Stanford
Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
Climate | Fact Sheet | Sep 19, 2018

Finding Climate Solutions across Stanford
Katie Githens
Climate | Other | Sep 3, 2018

Air Pollution and its Health Impacts in Africa
Marshall Burke, Jennifer Burney, Eran Bendavid, Sam Heft-Neal
Food Security | Public Health | Research Brief | Aug 6, 2018

The Drivers and Impacts of Selling Soil for Brick Making in Bangladesh
Debashish Biswas, Emily S. Gurley, Shannon Rutherford, Stephen Luby
Public Health | Published Work | May 31, 2018

UN Paris Accord Targets: Extreme Events and Economic Effects
Noah Diffenbaugh, Marshall Burke
Climate | Research Brief | May 30, 2018

Profitable Opportunities for Carbon Removal During Biofuel Production
Daniel Sanchez, Nils Johnson, Sean McCoy, Peter Turner, Katharine Mach
Climate | Research Brief | Apr 22, 2018

Factsheet: Leading Interdisciplinary Collaborations program
Margaret Krebs
Other | Fact Sheet | Apr 15, 2018

Research Brief: Importance of Global Supply Chains for Meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Tannis Thorlakson, Eric Lambin, Joann de Zegher
Food Security | Sustainability | Research Brief | Mar 14, 2018