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Publications: 2013

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Preface: Shared, Plural and Cultural Values: A Guide for Decision Makers (U.K. National Ecosystem Assessment Follow-On)
Gretchen Daily
Natural Capital | Conservation | Other | Dec 31, 2013

New Solutions for Global Control of Parasitic Infections: The Case of Schistosomiasis
Michael Hsieh, Giulio De Leo, Susanne Sokolow
Natural Capital | Food Security | Freshwater | Public Health | Conservation | Other | Nov 20, 2013

The American Publics Preference for Preparation for the Possible Effects of Global Warming: Impact of Communication Strategies
Bo MacINnis, Jon A. Krosnick, Adina Abeles, Meg Caldwell, Erin Prahler, Debbie Drake Dunn
Climate | Other | Other | Oct 20, 2013

Brief: Public Preferences Regarding Preparing for the Possible Effects of Climate Change
Jon Krosnick, Bo MacInnis
Climate | Other | Research Brief | Oct 15, 2013

Water and Energy Nexus: A Literature Review
Rebecca Nelson, Water in the West
Freshwater | Other | Other | Aug 31, 2013

Release of Arsenic to Deep Groundwater in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, Linked to Pumping-Induced Land Subsidence
Laura Erban, Steven Gorelick, Howard Zebker, Scott Fendorf
Freshwater | Published Work | Aug 4, 2013

The case for Distributed Irrigation as a Development Priority in Sub-Saharan Africa
Jennifer L. Burney, Rosamond Naylor, Sandra Postel
Food Security | Published Work | Jul 11, 2013

The Social Landscape of African Oil Palm Production in the Osa and Golfito Region, Costa Rica
Emily Beggs, Ellen Moore
Sustainability | | Jun 2, 2013

Effects of U.S. Tax Policy on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
William D. Nordhaus, Stephen A. Merrill, Paul T. Beaton, Noah Diffenbaugh
Climate | Other | May 31, 2013

2013 Center for Ocean Solutions Annual Report
Center for Ocean Solutions
Oceans | Annual Reports | May 31, 2013

Stress Relief: Prescriptions for a Healthier Delta Ecosystem
Ellen Hanak, Jay Lund, John Durand, William Fleenor, Brian Gray, Josu Medelln-Azuara, Jeffrey Mount, Peter Moyle, Caitrin Phillips, Barton "Buzz" Thompson
Freshwater | Other | Mar 31, 2013

A Meta-Analysis Suggesting That the Relationship Between Biodiversity and Risk of Zoonotic Pathogen Transmission is Idiosyncratic
Dan Salkeld, Kerry A Padgett, James Jones
Natural Capital | Public Health | Published Work | Mar 10, 2013

Livestock in a Changing Landscape
Henning Steinfeld, Harold Mooney, Fritz Schneider, Laurie E. Neville
Food Security | Published Work | Feb 28, 2013