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Mitigating lead and greenhouse gas emissions in EV battery recycling

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Funding Year: 2022

Research Areas: Public Health

Regions: Asia

Lead is toxic throughout the biosphere and, in humans, permanently reduces intelligence and leads to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and premature death. In South Asia, an estimated 400 million children are poisoned by lead. To mitigate a primary source of that lead – informal recycling of lead acid batteries from 3-wheeled electric vehicles (EVs) – the researchers have developed a business model for EV garage owners, EV drivers, battery manufacturers and a microfinance organization in Bangladesh. A randomized controlled trial will measure the model’s effects on lead emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, profits, and livelihoods. The insights will be relevant for India and other South Asian countries with growing adoption of 3-wheeled electric vehicles for mass transportation.

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Principal Investigators:

Erica Plambeck (Business)

Steve Luby (Medicine)

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