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In the Media

Michael Wara is quoted on the response of law makers to find solutions to better protect Californians against wildfires.
Mentions discovery by Barbara Block and a team of researchers of a patch of ocean space in which large populations of Great Whites migrate to.
Craig Criddle comments on a recent discovery of a species of fungus that chip away at plastic and cause it to degrade faster calling it "a shock" of... Read More
A study co-authored by Stanford soil chemist Scott Fendorf, looks into dangerous chemicals, both naturally and industrially, found in ground water.
As the Northern Massachusetts gas explosions cause 8600 residents without serivce for an extended period of time, scientists like Robert Jackson see... Read More
Michael Wara comments on the Executive order signed by Govenor Jerry Brown of California and the relevancy of having the goal carbon neutral instead... Read More
Eric Lambin, one of eight scientists to co-author a study looking into the effects of relying on Wood for energy and its role in increasing emissions... Read More