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In the Media

Mark Z. Jacobson is quoted on the use of wind turbines as California looks into floating offshore turbines to help curb climate changes and create a... Read More
Katharine Mach warns against assuming any new technology will be a miracle cure for climate change.
Mark Jacobson's study into 100 percent clean energy by 2050 is mentioned.
Dustin Schroeder comments the importance of a new analysis looking into liquid trapped in glaciers in Greeland, "I think we're only just realising... Read More
A new study co-authored by Eric Lambin looks into how global warming has played a role in the survival of the fungus ophiocordyceps sinensis.
Jim Leape praises Plastic Bank, a company set on removing plastic in the ocean and helping those in poverty at the same time.
Michael Wara comments on the recent rise of insurance rates in California as residents there experience a wave of forest fires. 
David Lobell and Chris Field are quoted on new Nature Plantspaper indicating climate change will cause dramatic beer shortages and associated cost... Read More
Noah Diffenbaugh comments on story from the Associated Press discusses the causes and sources of climate change in relations to comments made by... Read More