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Nov 13 2018 | Center for Ocean Solutions
The Center for Ocean Solutions Fall newsletter highlights work on local and global ocean initiatives. From eDNA to coral reef health to big data and... Read More
U.S. Capitol
Nov 8 2018
Stanford experts discuss election’s potential impacts on environment and energy issues.
Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo
Nov 5 2018
Findings show strong evidence for unique regions that divide plant and animal communities – a development that could lead to more affordable and... Read More
Oct 23 2018 | Stanford Program on Water, Health & Development
Working with partners in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, Stanford researchers with the Program on Water, Health & Development (WHD) are... Read More
Caterpillar fungus
Oct 22 2018
Stanford researchers show how warmer winters and booming demand for one of the world’s most expensive medicinal species may hurt ecosystems and... Read More
Oct 15 2018
A new method for observing water within ice has revealed stored meltwater that may explain the complex flow behavior of some Greenland glaciers, an... Read More
Zebras and Ankole cattle on a Kenyan ranch
Oct 15 2018
A study of 3,588 square kilometers of privately-owned land in central Kenya offers evidence that humans and their livestock can, in the right... Read More
Oct 12 2018 | How do we cope with demands for water as we enter an era of scarcity?
​In addition to reusing water, we'll have to augment the supply from reservoirs with recycling, stormwater capture, desalination and other strategies.
solar panels
Oct 4 2018
A new Stanford program, supported by a gift from Bank of America, will fund research to develop the finance and policy tools needed for the... Read More