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Serena Li

RELP Cohort: 2017
International Policy Studies
School: Humanities and Sciences

Serena Li is a graduate student at Stanford University with a deep interest in food security, in particular, the effect of climate change on agriculture. Her research investigates issues of common pool resources, including the sustainability of global commodity supply chains such as those of palm oil or soybeans. She is also exploring the feasibility of bioenergy for carbon capture and storage (BECCS), a technology widely seen as one of the most promising ways to achieve global climate mitigation targets.

Prior to Stanford, Serena worked in Tanzania as a consultant for the Tanzania Horticultural Association, a USAID partner and leading advocate of the country's horticultural industry. Serena also has over nine years' experience in the private sector. She has worked in communications and consulting for Fortune 500 companies, agencies, and start-ups in New York and San Francisco. Serena is from Maryland and received her B.S. from Northwestern University in Learning and Organizational Change with a minor in History. She loves to travel and try street foods in foreign countries - rice stuffed mussels in Istanbul counts among her favorites.