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Krti Tallam

RELP Cohort: 2022
School: Humanities and Sciences

Krti Tallam researches the transmission dynamics of environmental diseases as they relate to climate and anthropogenic stressors. As a U.S. Fulbright Scholar, Krti conducted analyses on the responses of dengue fever to climatic stressors along the coast of the Bay of Bengal, in India. At Stanford, Krti leads multiple research teams in understanding how novel computational technologies, such as machine learning, can help us better understand environmental disease transmission dynamics in coastal and estuarine ecosystems. Her Ph.D. thesis involves modeling the influence of Anthropogenic climate change on the parasite-host relationship of estuarine foundation species and building replicable multi-species deep learning detectors to assess this influence in the Anthropocene.

While at Stanford, Krti serves as a trans-disciplinary expert for planetary health ecology via machine learning, data science, environmental policy and science communication. She also hosts a podcast: The Anthropositive Outlook©. As a STEM innovator and a first-generation woman of color, Krti is proud to represent the RELP community.