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Jonathan Bradshaw

RELP Cohort: 2016
School: Engineering

Jon is a Civil & Environmental Engineering PhD student researching ways to help cities increase their water security through improved water infrastructure technology. Working with Professor Dick Luthy and the Re-Inventing the Nations Urban Water Infrastructure (ReNUWIt) Engineering Research Center, Jon currently researches decision-support tools that can help cities evaluate new ways to recharge groundwater using stormwater and recycled water.

Jon grew up in rural Maine, where the economy is largely based on the environment (e.g., eco-tourism, logging, and fishing). This close connection to the environment spurred his interest in environmental science, engineering, and policy. He pursued this interest at Princeton University, where he earned a B.S.E. in Civil & Environmental Engineering and minored in Environmental Studies, Sustainable Energy, and Urban Studies. At Princeton, he studied a wide range of environmental topics, including water, energy, environmental economics and policy, and international development. He also completed a variety of research projects in these areas and published studies in a peer-reviewed journal, conference proceedings, and an industry magazine. Outside of the classroom, he held leadership roles in several student organizations, including treasurer of a food co-operative and managing editor and publisher of a philosophy magazine. In addition, he worked with community and environmental organizations: he led several student volunteer projects, and he completed internships with the Princeton University Office of Sustainability and International Water Association in the Netherlands. After graduating from Princeton, Jon worked for three years at ENVIRON, a global environmental consulting firm. This experience provided him with a valuable perspective into the world of environmental policy and its real world implications.

At Stanford, Jon is a fellow through the Stanford Graduate Fellowship (SGF) and National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship programs. Jon has been a leader in several students groups, including the ReNUWIt Student Leadership Council, Stanford Students Environmental Consulting, and the student government's Energy and Environment Committee. He earned an MS in Civil & Environmental Engineering at Stanford in 2015.