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Jeff Ho

RELP Cohort: 2015
School: Engineering

Jeff Ho is a fourth-year PhD student working on quantifying the impact of climate change on water supply. Co-advised by professors in the School of Engineering and the School of Earth Sciences, he is an expert in two areas: toxic algal blooms in freshwater lakes and access to water supply in low-income countries. Using novel remote-sensing technology and advanced statistical techniques, he seeks to answer policy-relevant questions with quantitative methods. He is also interested more broadly in how scientists can interact with policy-makers to better inform the policy development process. Most recently, he presented a case study at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, gaining a first-hand look at one process for developing scientifically-guided policy.

Besides pursuing his PhD at Stanford, Jeff organizes social activities for fellow citizens of the Great White North (aka Canada) as the Prime Minister of the Stanford Canadian Club, and leads bible studies for international students as a leader in the Intervarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship. He has also given two talks at the annual Bay Area Passion Talks Conference on the intersection between his faith and his environmental research.

Prior to Stanford, Jeff obtained his B.A.Sc in Environmental Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 2011. Along the way, he obtained two years of work experience in web development, consulting, and research through his undergraduate co-op program. In his senior year, he spent time working in New Zealand, studying in Southeast Asia, and backpacking across South America, appreciating the diversity of natural and built environments that would later inform his research goals.

Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, a teacher once wrote on his report card in second grade that he "talked too much and needed to allow time for other children to respond." He is still learning this lesson.