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Jeannette Laramee

RELP Cohort: 2017
Civil and Environmental Engineering
School: Engineering

Jeannette Laramee is a PhD Candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University and a member of the Davis and Lepech research groups. She is a registered Professional Engineer with ten years of work and research experience designing, implementing and analyzing infrastructure in the United States, Zambia and Tanzania. Her current research at Stanford investigates the lifecycle energy and water resource use, carbon emissions and financial costs of decentralized sanitation systems with integrated resource recovery in Zambia and India. Her past research includes investigating the wastewater treatment and energy performance of community-scale biogas digesters in urban Zambia and evaluating the environmental and economic impacts of household biogas systems in rural villages in northern Tanzania.

Prior to her PhD studies at Stanford, Jeannette worked as a Programme Coordinator with the Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA) in Zambia where she designed, implemented and monitored several decentralized biogas and wastewater treatment systems in low-income urban communities. She continues to collaborate with BORDA during her PhD studies. Jeannette also worked as a Project Manager with the Pestalozzi Zambia Childrens Trust through Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO). In this role she was responsible for coordinating the design, site development and construction of a boarding school for 600 economically disadvantaged students. She also has four years experience as a structural engineer with Robert Silman Associates in Washington, DC, a design firm with a history of sustainable building projects.

Jeannette has received several academic awards including the Charles H. Leavell Fellowship, Switzer Environmental Fellowship, American Association of University Women Selected Professions Fellowship, Center for African Studies and Stanford Engineering Fellowship. She has a MS in Sustainable Design and Construction from Stanford University and a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Oregon State University.