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Emily Grubert

RELP Cohort: 2017
School: Sustainability

Emily Grubert is a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University who studies how communities impacted by large energy infrastructure prioritize social and environmental outcomes they might face. Emily uses surveys, interviews, and digital text mining methods to understand community priorities and translate them into decision making inputs for engineers using life cycle assessment (LCA) as a decision support tool. LCA is increasingly common in policy settings, which is a major motivation for Emilys interest in ensuring community priorities are easily and accurately integrated to LCA. Emilys research is situated primarily in U.S. and Australian communities experiencing large-scale energy development, including solar, oil, natural gas, and coal regions.

Prior to returning to Stanford, Emily worked as a consultant in high hazard industry safety, operations, and strategy at McKinsey & Company. Emily holds degrees in math, environmental engineering, and energy policy from Stanford and UT Austin. She is an environmental engineer-in-training and a LEED AP. At Stanford, she teaches and co-teaches courses on energy and resources. Outside of work, she enjoys driving around industrial regions with her husband and attempting to figure out how things work.