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Daniela Garcia-Aguirre

RELP Cohort: 2020
Environmental Law and Policy Program
School: Law

Daniela Garcia-Aguirre is an LL.M. candidate in the Environmental Law and Policy Program at Stanford Law School. She is currently focusing her efforts on researching Amazonian wildfires policies, to understand how Amazonian countries are addressing this environmental hazard. She is interested in exploring ways to prevent and manage wildfires in the Colombian Amazonas forest, whether developing a new policy or including this topic as a new chapter in one of the current regulations of environmental issues connected with wildfires such are air quality, climate change and biodiversity conservation.

She worked as a clinical instructor in Los Andes Law School's Environmental and Public Health Law Clinic (MASP), which deploys strategic litigation, social and political mobilization, public policy consulting, and applied research. There, Daniela was involved in litigation and public policy analysis to address issues such as toxic substances, protected areas, illegal mining, climate change, air quality, environmental justice, and the Colombian indigenous group's fundamental rights protection. Also, Daniela participated in legislatures processes, achieving in June 2019, a bill that declared the ban on asbestos by Colombian Congress. As a public litigant, she held a lawsuit before the Supreme Court to protect the Amazonian forest, where the Court, in April 2018, ordered the Colombian government to mitigate deforestation. In her most recent job, Daniela participated in a project of the Wyss Foundation called Campaign for Nature. There, Daniela analyzed the state of art of Colombian biodiversity policy and proposing a guideline to the government to adopting new targets at the COP 15 of the Convention on Biological Diversity 2020

Daniela received her undergraduate degrees in Environmental Engineering and also in Law from Los Andes University in Colombia.