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News Releases

oil rigs
November 27, 2017
Although the majority of Americans get their drinking water from a municipal, public supply, 1 in 7 rely on private water wells. Though wells for... Read More
Bright award recipients Andrij and Roman Zinchenko
November 20, 2017
Energy freedom was the theme of the night at the 2017 Bright Award for Environmental Sustainability event, with disruption of the energy sector at... Read More
vertical wind turbine in Alaska
November 17, 2017
With global carbon emissions on the rise, wind power continues to be an attractive option for states and countries looking to limit fossil fuel use... Read More
Traffic passes through polluted air in Ningbo, China.
November 13, 2017
Policymakers at this week’s international climate negotiations in Germany meet amid sobering news that gives their work new urgency. After three... Read More
Fish in the waters of Palmyra Atoll
November 9, 2017
The Trump administration is considering rolling back federal protections for a number of national monuments. While most are on land and relatively... Read More
November 7, 2017
The Paris Climate Change Agreement in 2015 brought the world together on a set of goals for the planet's future that includes keeping warming below 2... Read More
researchers working with CT scanner
November 6, 2017
Of the approximately two dozen medical CT scanners scattered throughout Stanford’s main campus and medical centers, two can be found nestled in... Read More
Hal Mooney
November 2, 2017
Stanford ecologist Hal Mooney was 18-years-old and taking a break from working as a “mess boy” aboard a Norwegian cargo ship when inspiration struck... Read More
A coral reef outside of Aitutaki, Cook Islands.
November 1, 2017
Cool-water corals can adapt to a slightly warmer ocean, but only if global greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. That’s according to a new study of... Read More