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In the Media

Michael Wara is quoted on the challenge of wildfire prevention reform.
Rosamond Naylor comments on how climate change can play a role in the rise of pests and destruction of crops.
Chris Field comments on a new study suggesting a harsher climate will increase crop destruction by insects.
Katharine Mach is one of many scientists now helping decision-makers shape policy in the field of science.
EE News quotes Michael Wara on the California State assembly passing S.B. 100.
Newsha Ajami is featured in The Bridge as a "prominent female figure in science and science policy."
Katharine Mach discusses how Michigan's ambitious 2030 goal of carbon removal as "the exact kind of ambition we need on the climate issue."
Michael Wara discusses the public perception of climate change as it starts to take a more personal toll with the wildfires in California.
A new study that looks into ocean heatwaves as climate change is on the rise, shows us that extreme weather events "can happen in the ocean as on... Read More