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In the Media

Feb 20 2019 | CityLab
Article quotes Woods fellow Rob Jackson.
Feb 17 2019
Numerous outlets reported on a new paper showing the impacts of high-tide flooding events on local businesses in the historic downtown district of... Read More
Feb 15 2019 | InsideClimate News
Article cites Mark Jacobson's research on black carbon.
Feb 15 2019 | E&E News
E&E News recaps a recent panel discussion sponsored by the Woods Institute.
Feb 14 2019 | Daily Star
DoE air pollution survey finds N'ganj most polluted; air quality of 7 cities 'severely unhealthy'
Feb 14 2019 | National Geographic
National Geographic interviews Mark Jacobson.
Feb 13 2019 | BuzzFeed News
BuzzFeed News interviews Noah Diffenbaugh.
Feb 12 2019 | Bloomberg
Bloomberg quotes Mark Jacobson on a project in the Brazilian Amazon.
Feb 7 2019 | The Daily Nation
Article cites research done by Woods faculty.