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In the Media

Dec 21 2018 | National Geographic
National Geographic cites Stanford study.
Dec 19 2018 | Clean Technica
References research by Mark Jacobson.
Dec 18 2018 | Mashable
Marshall Burke comments on the economic implications of putting off climate mitigation.
car exhaust
Dec 17 2018
Numerous outlets reported on a new paper backing up the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's 2009 Endangerment Finding. The Science  study, co-led... Read More
Dec 13 2018 | features Chris Field and Noah Diffenbaugh.
Dec 13 2018 | The Sierra Sun Times
The Sierra Sun Times features Katie Solari's research in the Indian Himalayas.
Dec 12 2018 | Bloomberg
Jon Krosnick speaks on the importance of viable climate change policies.
Dec 12 2018 | Orlando Sentinel
Noah Diffenbaugh discusses a new study published in Nature.
Dec 11 2018 | Venture Beat
Gretchen Daily is awarded grant for dam and reservoir research with the Natural Capital Project.