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Strengthening community advocacy for natural flood solutions

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Funding Year: 2023

As cities expand and the effects of climate change intensify, urban flooding is a growing concern. The impact of Hurricane Harvey on Houston – especially low-income communities of color – was a stark reminder of the inadequate protection that current urban flood control and mitigation provide. As the city re-evaluates its flood control and mitigation plans, this project will provide insight into the utility and public demand for nature-based solutions. The researchers will work with a community-based organization to quantify the value of restoring and conserving wetlands hydrologically connected to marginalized communities. Surveys of marginalized communities will assess knowledge and support of such natural flood solutions. Communities will be able to use the project’s results to advocate for green alternatives to address urban flooding.

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Principal Investigators:

Elliot White Jr. (Earth System Science)

Khalid Osman (Civil and Environmental Engineering)