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Robert Kasse

RELP Cohort: 2021
Materials Science and Engineering/SLAC
School: Engineering

Robert Kasse is a Ph.D. candidate in materials science and engineering at Stanford University, working in the lab of Dr. Michael Toney at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory where his research focuses on understanding fundamental interfacial processes and material degradation in high energy density batteries. His work is sponsored by the Department of Energy's Battery 500 Consortium, a partnership between multiple U.S. universities and national labs aimed at developing batteries with energy densities above 500 Wh/kg. Robert and his colleagues have successfully developed advanced X-ray characterization approaches for operando characterization of electrochemical interfaces in lithium metal batteries. In addition to studying advanced energy storage devices, his professional interests include the intersections of clean energy, water, agriculture, cooking, and public health in rural and impoverished communities in the developing world.

Prior to joining Stanford, Robert worked as an engineer for the U.S. Air Force at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida where he managed several projects, including the development of novel wide-temperature range lithium-ion batteries for aerospace applications. During his time at the University of Florida (UF), where he received his B.S. and M.S. in materials science and engineering, he began his career in energy with the Nino research group, investigating electroceramic materials for application as electrolytes in intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells. While at UF, Robert was awarded the SMART Scholarship by the Department of Defense. As the vice-president of business development for the Stanford Energy Club, he helped lead the University’s largest student run energy organization.