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Julia Salzman

Associate Professor of Biomedical Data Science, of Biochemistry and, by courtesy, of Statistics and of Biology
The Salzman lab is primarily a statistical and computational biology data science laboratory. We are focusing on a new unifying paradigm, SPLASH (Statistically Primary aLignment Agnostic Sequence Homing), an approach that directly analyzes raw sequencing data to detect a signature of regulation: sample-specific sequence variation. The approach, which includes a new statistical test, is computationally efficient and can be run at scale. SPLASH unifies detection of myriad forms of sequence variation. Our group uses data mining and collaboration in our group and others to experimentally validate predictions on biological systems from single cell analyses of human and non-model organisms to microbes, plants viruses and symbioses. The reference-free nature of SPLASH enable co-detection of genome regulation in and outside of the human genome, including in human variation missing from reference genomes.


Ph. D., Stanford University, Statistics (2007)
A. B., Princeton University, Mathematics (2002)


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