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Heather Rich

Heather serves as an Administrative Associate at the Center for Ocean Solutions. With a deep-rooted passion for conservation and education, she actively seeks to make a positive impact in these fields. Her background includes research on the evolution and biogeography of fiddler crabs and Sceloporus lizards. Prior to joining the Center for Ocean Solutions, she spent a decade teaching math and science in underserved communities in Phoenix and the Bay Area.

Heather holds a Master of Science in Evolutionary Biology from Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Science in Education from University of Maryland. Growing up on the East Coast, her weekends spent by the ocean sparked her passion for marine sciences and inspired her commitment to protecting marine ecosystems. In her free time, she enjoys snorkeling and SCUBA diving. She is dedicated to supporting the Center’s mission and collaborating with colleagues to drive positive change in the realm of ocean conservation and education.