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Aryeh Gold-Parker

RELP Cohort: 2016
School: Humanities and Sciences

Ari is a PhD student in the Chemistry department at Stanford University. Co-advised by Mike McGehee in the department of Materials Science and Engineering and by Mike Toney at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Aris research focuses on hybrid perovskite materials for thin-film solar cells. Using the advanced X-ray facilities at SLAC, his work aims to improve our basic understanding of hybrid perovskites and to investigate the chemical and materials properties that lead to their extremely high solar cell efficiencies.

Born in Nyack, NY, Ari received his B.A. degree from Harvard University in 2012, where he graduated magna cum laude with highest honors in Chemistry and Physics. After graduating, he went to work on Elizabeth Warrens campaign for Senate in Massachusetts. As a field organizer on Massachusetts North Shore, Ari was responsible for coordinating voter contact, volunteer recruitment, and voter turnout efforts in twelve municipalities with a combined population of 300,000.

Ari began his Stanford PhD program in fall 2013, and during his first year he was awarded both the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate fellowship. In addition to his laboratory research, he has served for two years as the fall quarter Research Assistant for the Energy Seminar, a weekly speaker series for the Stanford community focused on energy and the environment. Outside of Stanford, Ari enjoys running, hiking, and climbing both locally in the Santa Cruz Mountains and on longer trips in the Sierra Nevada.