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Allison Phillips

Managing Director, Human and Planetary Health, Human and Planetary Health
Allison is passionate about multi-disciplinary approaches to improving health worldwide. Prior to joining the Woods Institute for the Environment in 2023 as Managing Director for the Human and Planetary Health initiative, Allison was the Executive Director for Stanford's Center for Innovation in Global Health. In that role, Allison led an inter-disciplinary program focused on global health equity, planetary health, and refugees and vulnerable populations. Prior to joining Stanford in 2019, Allison worked for 11 years as Deputy Director of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Malaria Elimination Initiative where she joined during the start-up phase and co-led strategic planning, grant management, donor and partner relations, and operations for a team that grew to 60 people working to eradicate malaria.

Prior to UCSF, Allison lived in Tanzania where she worked with a large NGO to lead malaria and HIV prevention education programs in rural communities. With over 20 years of global public health experience, Allison also worked with McKinsey and Company to recommend investment opportunities in the private health sector across Africa, worked on HIV prevention in Thailand, and researched the relationship between modern and traditional medicine in India. Allison graduated from Lewis and Clark College with a degree in Medical Anthropology, and now lives in Menlo Park with her family.