Over the next 40 years, it is anticipated that unfunded conservation needs will average between $1.9 billion and $7.7 billion annually. To help land trust professionals close that gap, the Stanford Woods Institute partners with Island Press to sponsor a week-long program on navigating the conservation finance landscape. 

The training equips participants with the most effective, cutting-edge tools to succeed in any political, policy or economic environment. It also connects disparate stakeholders in conservation finance to further learning, share best practices and provide resources for a growing community.   

During the “bootcamp,” top experts present the latest innovative funding mechanisms in an interactive format that provides intellectual enrichment and inspiration. The program content supports continued learning by including books, workshop curricula, case stories and professional presentations within the duration of camp. Participants also have the opportunity to work directly with experienced faculty to solve challenging financing issues. 

The bootcamp’s central focus is on reliable partnerships between land conservationists and their funders. Conservationists learn how to form, create and maintain bonds with organizations that are willing to lend monetary support. 

Many who have taken the training come away with renewed confidence to complete their conservation projects. 

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Western Conservation Finance Bootcamp