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Calendar of Upcoming Events
"Bluefin Futures Symposium"
The world's foremost bluefin tuna experts, including Woods Senior Fellows Barbara Block and Rob Dunbar, discuss key issues to shape a sustainable future for the planet’s struggling bluefin tuna populations.
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"Second Annual Global Health Research Convening"
This event, presented by the Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health, aims to build community among Stanford global health researchers by fostering collaboration and connecting students with researchers and mentors.
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"Seeing Things Differently: Rethinking the Relationship between Data and Models"
Ty Ferré, professor in the department of hydrology and water resources at the University of Arizona, gives the 2016 Darcy Lecture.
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New Frontiers

Finding solutions often requires taking a new perspective. For researchers at the Center on Food Security and the Environment, including William Wrigley Senior Fellow David Lobell (Earth System Science), that process lately has involved using satellites to detect plant fluorescence. The findings enable better estimates of crop yields and a better understanding of the effects of climate change on agricultural yields. Through these and other innovative efforts, Woods-affiliated researchers are deepening our knowledge about the natural processes that sustain us. Read on to learn more about the work Stanford scholars are doing to develop better understanding of environmental challenges and innovative approaches to solve them.


Jeffrey R. Koseff
Perry L. McCarty Director

Barton H. Thompson, Jr.
Perry L. McCarty Director

Program Updates

COP21: Climate Accord

Stanford experts discuss landmark Paris climate agreement, a 'foundation for future work.'

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A Time for Sea Change

What do oceans have to do with climate change? In the lead-up to recent climate talks in Paris, Center for Ocean Solutions experts explain why reducing carbon dioxide emissions is vital to both human and ocean health.

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Stanford-Based Program Trains Indigenous Leaders

First Nations' Futures Institute celebrates 10 years of preparing young trailblazers to tackle environmental, economic, social and cultural challenges in their communities.

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Gold Route: Eco-Tourism Initiative Launches

The first route in an extensive planned network introduces tourists to the biodiversity and culture of Costa Rica's Osa and Golfito region. The trail features entrepreneurs supported by a program of Woods' Osa & Golfito Initiative.

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Data for Sustainable Groundwater Management

Water in the West launches a series of workshops to aid resource managers with data and models needed to implement California's historic new groundwater management law.

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Research Highlights

Massive Gas Leak: Assessments and Solutions

Stanford experts comment on massive California gas leak. How bad is it, and what can be done to prevent similar leaks?

Photo credit: Google Earth

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Global Fossil-Fuel Emissions Could Decline in 2015

A Stanford-led international research team reports the increase in global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels has slowed, and emphasizes need for action to permanently lower emissions.

Photo credit: Rob Jackson

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Mystery of Arsenic Release into Groundwater Solved

Bacteria living in shallow sediment layers of permanently flooded wetlands in Asia drive arsenic release into water by feeding on freshly deposited plant material, Stanford-led study finds.

Photo credit: Scott Fendorf

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In the News
Selected media coverage of the Stanford Woods Institute and its
fellows, affiliated scholars and supported research

California Drought: How Will We Know When It's Over?

San Jose Mercury News, Jan. 9
Leon Szeptycki, Woods professor of the practice and executive director of the Water in the West program, states that there is no simple answer to the question "When is the drought over?"

Hot and Violent

MIT Technology Review, Jan. 5
Features research by Center Fellow Marshall Burke (Earth System Science) on the connections between climate change and social conflict.

Gray Water and Stormwater Can Help in the Drought, But Risk Needs to Be Studied, Researchers Say

Los Angeles Times, Dec. 16
Senior Fellow Richard Luthy (Civil and Environmental Engineering) discusses advantages of using gray water and need to study possible exposure to pathogens.

Virtual Reality Could Finally Get People to Care About Climate Change

Tech Insider, Dec. 14
Senior Fellow Jeremy Bailenson (Communication) discusses how virtual reality can move people to care about climate change on an emotional level.

Meet Jerry Brown's Team of Science Advisors

Los Angeles Times, Dec. 2
Profile of scientific advisers, including Senior Fellow Elizabeth Hadly (Biology), to California's governor.

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