June 2011
Uncommon Dialogue: California Rangelands
In May, the Woods Institute and the Bill Lane Center for the American West convened a workshop on protecting threatened ecosystems on California ranches and rangelands.
Students from Senior Fellow Deborah Gordon's Class Discover How Native Ants Fight Invaders
Reforesting Rural Lands in China Pays Big Dividends, Says Natural Capital Project Study
Farmer Networks Hold Key to Agricultural Innovation in Developing Countries
Senior Fellow Scott Rozelle Comments on Rising Food Prices in China
Seaports Need a Plan for Weathering Climate Change
Most seaports are unprepared for sea level rise and other potential impacts of climate change, according to a new study funded by a Woods Institute Sustainable Built Environment planning grant.
U.S. Farmers Dodge the Impacts of Global Warming
Global warming is likely already taking a toll on world wheat and corn production, according to a study by Center Fellow David Lobell. But the United States has largely escaped the trend.
Center Fellow Noah Diffenbaugh Forecasts Permanently Hotter Summers within 20 Years
Senior Fellow Terry Root on How Climate Change Affects Where Plants Grow
Senior Fellow Chris Field on Reforming the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
National Academy Sciences Issues Final Climate Report Co-Authored by Senior Fellow Pam Matson
Center Fellow Michael Wara Discusses Chevrolet's Carbon Offset Plan
Combating Acidic Ocean 'Hotspots'
Coastal communities can take immediate steps to reduce ocean acidification, according to a new report co-authored by researchers at the Center for Ocean Solutions.
Fisheries Forum: Informing U.S. Fishery Managers on Science and Policy
'Small Fry' Fish also Vulnerable to Population Plunges
The Race to the Conference: Marine InVEST Workshop
Conference: Opportunities in Energy and the Environment
In May, faculty from the Woods Institute and across campus spoke at the Energy and Environment Affiliates Program spring conference. Topics included the smart grid, emerging energy technologies and global sustainability challenges.
Senior Fellow Stephen Palumbi Receives Peter Benchley Ocean Award
Jennifer Burney of the Program on Food Security and the Environment Named NatGeo Emerging Explorer
Supreme Court Affirms Water Rights Opinion by Senior Fellow Buzz Thompson
Names You Need to Know: Ernestine Fu, Woods Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Researcher
Summer 2011 Blogging Contests: Stanford undergraduates can win cash awards by posting environmental blogs. Learn more.
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