April 2011
Food Security Salon: Advancing Policy-Relevant Research
On March 15, the Woods Institute hosted a Food Security Salon focusing on research solutions to global issues of food security, hunger and environmental degradation from agricultural practices. Fellows Wally Falcon, Roz Naylor and David Lobell of the Program on Food Security and the Environment discussed food price volatility, hunger and climate change.
Video: Cargill and Gates Foundation CEOs on Global Food Security
Video: Research Affiliate Jennifer Burney on the Link Between Hunger and Climate Change
Global Warming May Harm Africa's Corn Crops
White Shark Census off California
Senior Fellow Barbara Block and colleagues conducted a landmark white shark census along the central California coast.
Divvying Up the Water Down Under
Australia's approach to groundwater conservation is far more comprehensive than California's, says Rebecca Nelson, a researcher with Water in the West - a joint program of the Woods Institute and the Bill Lane Center for the American West.
At House E.P.A. Hearing, Both Sides Claim Science
On March 8, Senior Fellow Christopher Field testified at a Congressional hearing on a bill to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of its power to regulate greenhouse gases.
Co-Director Buzz Thompson Discusses a Court Challenge to California's Global Warming Law
Senior Fellow Terry Root Comments on Cloning Trees to Combat Global Warming
Sustainability at Stanford
The spring issue of Stanford's "Cardinal Green" features updates on several academic programs sponsored by the Woods Institute, including Students for a Sustainable Stanford, an undergraduate sustainability course (CEE/Earth Systems 109) and the Center for Ocean Solutions' MARINE graduate education initiative.
'Science, Upstream': Journalism Students Blog from Inside the Natural Capital Project
Video: Senior Fellow Scott Rozelle on China's 'Human Capital Challenge' in the 21st Century
'The Nuclear Option,' by Senior Fellow Mark Jacobson
'The Twin Elephants in the Room,' by Anne Ehrlich and Senior Fellow Paul Ehrlich
'A Flawed Cost/Benefit Study of a Greener California,' by Senior Fellow James Sweeney and Matthew Kahn
Energy Seminar, Mondays, 4:15-5:15 pm, Huang Engineering Center, NVIDIA Auditorium
(Special Seminar on Wednesday, April 13)
Connecting The Dots: The Food, Energy, Water & Climate Nexus, April 22, 1:00-6:30 pm, Bishop Auditorium (RSVP Required)
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