September 2010
Stephen Schneider Remembered (1945-2010)
Our colleague and good friend Steve Schneider, a founding member and senior fellow at the Woods Institute, died on July 19 en route to London. Steve is survived by his wife, Senior Fellow Terry Root, and his children, Adam and Rebecca. A memorial service will be held on Dec. 12 at Stanford. Details will be available soon.
State Surveys Back Government Limits on Greenhouse Gases from Businesses
Large majorities of the residents in Florida, Massachusetts and Maine favor government action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to new public opinion surveys conducted by Senior Fellow Jon Krosnick.
Heat Waves Could Be Commonplace in U.S. by 2039, Says Center Fellow Noah Diffenbaugh
Best Hope for Saving the Arctic Is Cutting Soot Emissions, Says Senior Fellow Mark Jacobson
Op-Ed: Senior Fellow Chris Field and Colleagues on the Science behind Climate Science
Op-Ed: Green Chemistry Is Good For Business
It seems that every day another consumer product is found to contain chemicals that none of us would knowingly use or give to our children. It's time to give consumers and companies vital information about the products they make, purchase and use, writes Senior Fellow Craig Criddle.
Program on Food Security and the Environment Launches Agriculture Policy Seminar
Beginning winter 2011, the Program on Food Security and the Environment will bring leading policy experts on food and agricultural development to Stanford to participate in a 12-part seminar series on food security policy.
Carnivorous Mice Spread Deadly Plague in Prairie Dog Towns, Study Finds
The Comeback Corals
Corals all over the world are dying as oceans warm. But the hardy reefs near Ofu Island in the South Pacific may hold clues for saving them, according to research by Senior Fellow Steve Palumbi. His work is supported by a Woods Institute Environmental Venture Projects grant.
Cold Waters May Be Factor in California Shark Strandings, Says Senior Fellow Barbara Block
Senior Fellow Steve Palumbi Explains How Toxins Move through the Ocean Food Chain
Stanford Engineers Use Rocket Science to Make Wastewater Treatment Sustainable
With support from a Woods Institute Environmental Venture Projects grant, Stanford engineers Brian Cantwell and Craig Criddle are using rocket technology to make sewage treatment plants energy neutral and emissions free.
Environmental Venture Projects Forum: Friday, Oct. 1, 1:30-5:00 pm, Arrillaga Alumni Center
Senior Fellow Harold A. Mooney Awarded the 2010 Volvo Environment Prize
Center Fellow David Lobell to Receive the 2010 James B. Macelwane Medal
Energy Seminar: Weekly Wednesday Talks Resume Sept. 22, 4:15-5:15 pm, Building 420, Room 40
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