June 2010
Wastewater as a Resource: Focus on the Bay
On May 21, the Woods Institute hosted an Uncommon Dialogue on resource recovery from wastewater, with a focus on wastewater management and water reuse in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Woods Institute Researchers Track Groundwater Pollution From Septic Systems to the Sea
Senior Fellow Scott Fendorf Offers Solutions to Asia's Arsenic Groundwater Crisis
Woods Institute Co-Hosts Natural Capital Salon at Stanford
On May 19, the Woods Institute, The Nature Conservancy and the World Wildlife Fund hosted a discussion on the global research activities of the Natural Capital Project.
Senior Fellow Hal Mooney and the Natural Capital Project Offer Solutions to Global Biodiversity Crisis
Q&A: Center Fellow David Lobell Discusses Climate Change and World Hunger
Q&A: Senior Fellow Paul Ehrlich Discusses the Millennium Assessment of Human Behavior (MAHB)
Study Finds That Polls Underestimate Americans' Concern about the Environment
Recent opinion polls suggest that concern about the environment is on the decline. But when Americans are asked to name the most serious problem facing the planet if left unchecked, the environment rises to the top, according to a new study by Senior Fellow Jon Krosnick.
Senior Fellow Pamela Matson Unveils National Research Council Report on Climate Change
Woods Institute Hosts Talk by Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chair Gregory Jaczko
Senior Fellow Stephen Schneider and Colleagues Decry Political Assaults on Climate Scientists
Q&A: Senior Fellow Mark Jacobson Discusses the Future of Renewable Energy
Oil Spill Could Impact Migrating Tuna in the Gulf of Mexico
Atlantic bluefin tuna breeding in the eastern Gulf of Mexico may be impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, according to new research by Senior Fellow Barbara Block.
Senior Lecturer Meg Caldwell Testifies at U.S. Senate Hearing on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
Video: Senior Fellow Steve Palumbi on the Recovery of Monterey Bay
Julie Kennedy Named Co-Director of Haas Center
Senior Lecturer Julie Kennedy has been appointed faculty co-director of Stanford's Haas Center for Public Service.
Precourt Energy Efficiency Center Grants
The Precourt Energy Efficiency Center invites Stanford faculty to submit proposals for 2010 program grants. Application deadline is June 28.
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