September 2009
Tracing the Sources of Coastal Pollution in Hawaii
Scientists are working with local environmental leaders to find the cause of coastal contamination threatening Hawaii’s coral reefs and other marine ecosystems. The research is supported by a Woods Institute Environmental Venture Projects grant with funding from the Mead Foundation.
Senior Fellows Steve Palumbi and Buzz Thompson Co-Author New Article on Ocean Governance
Bridging the Political Divide across the Gulf of Aqaba
Global Fisheries Show Potential for Comeback
California Issues Climate Change Adaptation Report
On August 3, California became the first state to issue a comprehensive strategy for adapting to climate change. Woods researchers Meg Caldwell, Michael Mastrandrea, Terry Root, and Steve Schneider contributed to the report.
Senior Fellows Chris Field and Steve Schneider Comment on New Issues Facing the IPCC
10 of the Greenest Colleges in the United States
The website named Stanford University one of the 10 most eco-friendly and energy-efficient campuses in the country.
Mel Lane Student Program Grants
The Woods Institute is accepting grant proposals from Stanford students seeking funding for group projects on the environment. Deadline for the first round of proposals is Oct. 19.
Application Deadline Sept. 15 for Student Observer at U.N. Climate Change Conference in Denmark
Energy Seminar Begins Wednesday, Sept. 23, 4:15-5:15pm, Building 420, Room 40
Sustainable Built Environment Lectures Begin Thursday, Oct. 1, 12-1pm, Y2E2 Bldg., Room 299
Environmental Venture Projects Forum: Oct. 7, 1-6pm, Arrillaga Alumni Center
Fifth Anniversary Symposium: Oct. 21, 2-5:30pm, Hewlett Teaching Center, Room 200
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