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Aerial view of solar panels and sheep eating on a green grass field.

U.S. Solar Development: Integrating Climate, Conservation and Community

Working Groups

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Signatories to the Collaboration Agreement on Large-Scale U.S. Solar Development have agreed to create six working groups to advance the 3C's: Climate Change, Conservation, and Community. Stakeholders with expertise and interest in these Working Groups can request to join one or more of the working groups summarized below.

To indicate your interest in joining a working group, please fill out the request form. For more information on the groups and their specific deliverables, read the full agreement

  1. Community and Stakeholder Engagement: Identify and promote best practices in engagement of community, tribal, conservation, business, agriculture, environmental justice, and other affected parties – and related planning, decision-making and benefit-sharing – regarding proposed large-scale U.S. solar projects.

  2. Siting: Develop a risk-assessment and decision-making framework – and related best practices – that integrate consideration of social, environmental, and economic issues in siting large-scale solar projects.

  3. Energy and Agricultural Technologies: Accelerate research, development, demonstration, and deployment (RDD&D) of technologies and practices to advance large-scale solar development while also protecting important working and natural lands.

  4. Information Tools: Advance initiatives to enhance or develop land use-related data and information tools to aid effective siting and operation of large-scale U.S. solar projects and related conservation, agricultural, and environmental justice priorities.

  5. Tribal Nations: Analyze and address the opportunities and challenges tribal nations face regarding large-scale solar development and land conservation and related issues of sovereignty, indigenous culture, federal programs and funding, tax policy, and state authority.

  6. Policy: Advocate for policies, standards, incentives and other tools – at all levels of government – to advance the initiatives above, including related funding.

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Dan Reicher, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment,
Ben Norris, Solar Energy Industry Association,
Jessica Wilkinson, The Nature Conservancy,