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Stanford negotiator discusses compromise on environmental conflicts like Klamath dams

The biggest dam removal in US history is happening now on the Klamath river. Dan Reicher discusses how the Uncommon Dialogue approach relates to this dam removal. 

Is hydropower good or bad for the environment? We went to Idaho to find out

An unusual coalition has grown out of a dialogue convened at Stanford University. 

Why you should give a damn about America’s dams

This summer’s unprecedented floods across the U.S. highlight how a massive piece of infrastructure — the nation’s 90,000-plus dams — can play the role of hero or villain in these climate-enhanced calamities.

Giving old dams new life could spark an energy boom

The Washington Post reports on the work of Uncommon Dialogue participants to retrofit nonpowered dams.

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Watershed Moment

Dams help us. Dams harm us. Now, longtime adversaries are coming together to bridge that uncomfortable divide.

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Tribes, Industry Groups Reach Deal to Boost U.S. Hydroelectric Power

The Wall Street Journal reports on an agreement reached through the Uncommon Dialogue on hydropower and river conservation with tribes and industry and environmental groups.

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How hydroelectric dams fit into the U.S. energy portfolio

Dan Reicher joins WBUR's Here & Now  to discuss hydroelectric dams, which provide 7% of the U.S. energy portfolio.

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The dam plan that works for everyone

Sarah Golden at GreenBiz discusses the Uncommon Dialogue and its potential impacts on the future of the nation's dams.

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Improve or Remove: Funding for U.S. Dams

$2.3 billion to improve or remove U.S. dams included in new federal infrastructure bill in wake of a Stanford Uncommon Dialogue agreement.

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Can hydropower help solve the climate crisis?

LA Times reports on $63-billion proposal for dam safety, rehabilitation and removal, federal agency support, and clean energy production.

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Stanford’s Dan Reicher on new agreement on U.S. hydropower and river conservation

Q&A with Dan Reicher, Senior Research Scholar at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment  - Stanford News Service

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Environmentalists and dam operators, at war for years, start making peace

Facing a climate crisis, environmental groups and industry agree to work together to bolster hydropower while reducing harm from dams.

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Balancing healthy rivers and hydropower

Message from William Robert (Bob) Irvin, President of American Rivers, on new agreement.

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A new uncommon collaboration on U.S. hydropower

Message from Malcolm Woolf, President and CEO of the National Hydropower Association, on new agreement.

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Hydropower making sustainability gains with fish-safe turbines

The hydro industry has set an example of working collaboratively to maintain renewable energy production while improving environmental outcomes.

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Defining Community Is Slippery on the Eel River

Communities along the Eel River support the removal of two aging dams but many complexities prohibit them from going through with the process.