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A school of yellow fish in the ocean

Safeguarding Ocean Ecosystems and Food Security

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Funding Year: 2020

Research Areas: Food Security, Oceans

Regions: Pacific Ocean

Many coastal communities – especially in the developing world – face significant food and nutritional security challenges tied to their reliance on wild-caught fisheries and productive near- and offshore ecosystems. Palau recently banned fishing in 80 percent of its waters, providing an unprecedented opportunity for a social ecological investigation that could provide other small island nations valuable insights on safeguarding ocean ecosystems and food security.

This project analyzes biophysical, cultural and socioeconomic linkages among Palau’s offshore and nearshore ecosystems and coastal communities. Results will illuminate connectivity in tropical social-ecological seascapes and the role of Marine Protected Areas in environmental conservation and human development.

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Principal Investigators:

Fiorenza Micheli (Biology)

Nicole Ardoin (Education)

Rob Dunbar (Earth System Science)

Stephen Monismith (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Krish Seetah (Anthropology)

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