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Improving climate change messaging

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Funding Year: 2021

Research Areas: Climate

Social and behavioral scientists have identified several approaches to climate change communication that increase belief in, and/or concern about, the phenomenon. However, the applicability of this research suffers from its lack of organization, incommensurable measures and sampled populations, and often very underpowered empirical tests. These challenges limit the practical value of this research for scientists, policymakers, educators and advocates seeking to build popular support for efforts to address climate change. To resolve these issues, this project will create a large-scale experimental tournament of 12 promising climate change messaging approaches. The researchers will test the effects of each on belief in, and concern about, climate change in comparison to one another, and to a placebo control. Results of the tournament will be driven to practice through broad media engagement, open seminars with advocacy groups, targeted outreach to leadership in major environmental organizations, and a virtual conference for climate change scientists, journalists, and activists.

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Principal Investigators:

Rob Willer (Sociology)

Neil Malhotra (GSB)

Jane Kathryn Willenbring (Geologic and Environmental Science)

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