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Developing new water purification technology

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Funding Year: 2022

Research Areas: Freshwater

Regions: North America


Water scarcity is one of the most rapidly intensifying environmental challenges. At current levels of consumption, potable water demand is expected to exceed supply by 40% in 2030. While water reuse is a potential solution, current approaches, such as reverse osmosis or thermal distillation, are either cost-prohibitive or require large energy inputs. This project aims to develop novel resin technologies for the removal and recovery of critical contaminants from wastewaters. The researchers will leverage a platform for high-throughput synthesis and micro-scale screening of large libraries of unique resin materials. Results will help decipher design considerations for selective binding of critical contaminants, generate novel resin technologies with unprecedented efficacy, and yield novel methods for resin development and screening.

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Principal Investigators:

Eric Appel (Material Sciences and Engineering)

Polly Fordyce (Medicine-Genetics)

William Tarpeh (Chemical Engineering)

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