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Brick Kiln Solutions: About Us

Our Team

Our Partners

Headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh, BRAC is the world's largest nongovernmental organization. It delivers a range of technically sophisticated programs to improve health, education and economic prospects in 40,000 communities across Bangladesh. BRAC is known for its skillful management of national-level programs, as well as its experience in construction, banking, business development and loan recovery.

Greentech is a research and advisory firm based in Delhi, India. It offers services and solutions for improving energy efficiency in buildings, improving resource efficiency in the production of building materials and deployment of decentralized renewable energy systems. Greentech is the technical leader in South Asia on working with brick producers to make their manufacturing processes more energy-efficient and less polluting.

icddr,b is an international research organization based in Bangladesh that has broad experience conducting research aimed at improving the health of people in Bangladesh.

The Child Health Research Foundation (CHRF) works to reduce child mortality in Bangladesh by facilitating better health policy decision making. CHRF collaborates with national and international organizations, such as USAID, WHO, Johns Hopkins University, the International Vaccine Institute and Novartis Vaccine Institute of Global Health, to create awareness of appropriate care and care-seeking, ensure rational treatments, and provide evidence-based preventive programs.