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Protecting heat-resistant corals

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Funding Year: 2023

Region: Pacific Ocean

Research Areas: Oceans, Climate

Around the world, scientists are working to find coral colonies that can most easily withstand rising temperatures due to climate-driven heatwaves. The Super Reefs project brings together researchers, conservation groups, and governments to protect these corals in partnership with local communities whose fate is tied to these vulnerable reef ecosystems. Steve Palumbi, professor of oceans and of biology, and his team will pilot a new approach in the Republic of the Marshall Islands to enable widespread adoption of coral testing tools among local stakeholders. By streamlining the science, providing reliable test equipment, and mentoring local students and professionals on how to confirm heat-resistant colonies, the team hopes to help coastal communities protect these corals and build nurseries that meet national commitments to protect their reefs.

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Principal Investigators:

Steve Palumbi (Oceans, Biology)

Anne Cohen (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

Elizabeth Mcleod (The Nature Conservancy)

Dolores deBrum-Katill (Marshall Islands Conservation Society)

Glen Joseph (Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority)