Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment


Rethinking the Balance Between Future Obesity and Malnutrition with Climate Change »

Asia - 2010

The goal is to develop a computer model capable of evaluating nutrition-related health policies in India, taking into account the impact of climate change on agricultural production and food availability.

Pattern and process of coral-reef adaptation: Remote sensing, environmental genetics, and a laboratory model system for testing climate-change effects on coral »

Pacific Ocean - 2006

It is currently impossible to predict the environmental impacts of climate change on reef corals because the ability of corals and symbiotic species (symbionts) is virtually unknown. This research will generate data that will allow researchers to develop a powerful understanding of coral-symbiont responses to environmental change, allowing us to...

Mineral dust components in aerosols and their effect on ocean productivity »

Africa - 2005

Researchers are determining the impact that aerosol dust particles have on marine productivity and ecosystem structure and are using the Gulf of Aqaba as a representative study area. The Sahara and adjacent deserts are a major source of aerosols and mineral dust to the atmosphere and contribute to the aerosol...