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Global energy growth is outpacing decarbonization

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Rob Jackson, C Le Quéré, R.M. Andrew, J.G. Canadell, J I Korsbakken3, Z Liu, G.P. Peters and B. Zheng.
December 5, 2018

Global fossil fuel emissions are on track to rise for a second year in a row, primarily due to growing energy use, according to new estimates from the Global Carbon Project, an initiative led by Woods Senior Fellow Rob Jackson. “We thought, perhaps hoped, emissions had peaked a few years ago,” said Jackson, a professor of Earth system science in Stanford’s School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences (Stanford Earth). “After two years of renewed growth, that was wishful thinking.” The Global Carbon Project’s report, titled “Global Energy Growth Is Outpacing Decarbonization,” appears Dec. 5 in the peer-reviewed Environmental Research Letters, with more detailed data published simultaneously in Earth System Science Data paper: "Global Carbon Budget 2018."

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Global Carbon Budget 2018
Global Energy Growth Is Outpacing Decarbonization

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