Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment


The changing water cycle: impacts of an evolving supply and demand landscape on urban water reliability in the Bay Area »

Ecosystem Services and Conservation, Freshwater, Sustainable Development | Published Work | August 7, 2017

Patricia Gonzales, Newsha Ajami
Predicting dry-season flows with a monthly rainfall-runoff model: performance for gauged and ungauged catchments »

Ecosystem Services and Conservation, Freshwater | Published Work | August 7, 2017

Perrine Hamel, Andrew Guswa, Jake Sahl, Lu Zhang
Human Demographic History Impacts Genetic Risk Prediction across Diverse Populations »

Public Health | Published Work | August 6, 2017

Alicia R. Martin, Christopher R. Gignoux, Raymond K. Walters, Genevieve L. Wojcik, Benjamin M. Neale, Simon Gravel, Mark J. Daly, Carlos D. Bustamante, Eimear E. Kenny
Robert H. Grubbs — Exemplifying excellence in teaching and research »

Other | Published Work | August 3, 2017

Kenneth Wagener, Michael Bell, Robert (Barney) Grubbs, Robert Waymouth
Patterns of genomic and phenomic diversity in wine and table grapes »

Other | Published Work | August 2, 2017

Zoë Migicovsky, Jason Sawler, Kyle M Gardner, Mallikarjuna K Aradhya, Bernard H Prins, Heidi R Schwaninger, Carlos D Bustamante, Edward S Buckler, Gan-Yuan Zhong, Patrick J Brown, Sean Myles
The Past, Present, and Future of California’s Coastal Act »

Freshwater | Published Work | August 1, 2017

Jordan Diamond, Holly Doremus, Mae Manupipatpong, Richard Frank, Shauna Oh, Sean Hecht, Deborah Sivas, Matthew Armsby, Jocelyn Herbert
Perspective: Improving Nutritional Guidelines for Sustainable Health Policies: Current Status and Perspectives »

Public Health, Sustainable Development | Published Work | July 31, 2017

Paolo Magni, Dennis M Bier, Sergio Pecorelli, Carlo Agostoni, Arne Astrup, Furio Brighenti, Robert Cook, Emanuela Folco, Luigi Fontana, Robert A Gibson, Ranieri Guerra, Gordon H Guyatt, John PA Ioannidis, Ann S Jackson, David M Klurfeld, Maria Makrides, Basil Mathioudakis, Alessandro Monaco, Chirag J Patel, Giorgio Racagni, Holger J Schünemann, Raanan Shamir, Niv Zmora, Andrea Peracino
A model for the decrease in amplitude of carbon isotope excursions across the Phanerozoic »

Climate | Published Work | July 31, 2017

Aviv Bachan, Kimberly V. Lau, Matthew R. Saltzman, Ellen Thomas, Lee R. Kump, Jonathan L. Payne
Nature Contact and Human Health: A Research Agenda »

Ecosystem Services and Conservation, Public Health, Public Opinion Research | Published Work | July 30, 2017

Howard Frumkin, Gregory N. Bratman, Sara Jo Breslow, Bobby Cochran, Peter H. Kahn Jr, Joshua J. Lawler, Phillip S. Levin, Pooja S. Tandon, Usha Varanasi, Kathleen L. Wolf, Spencer A. Wood
Pursuing water Security »

Oceans, Public Health, Sustainable Development | Published Work | July 27, 2017

Upmanu Lall , Jenna Davis, Christopher Scott, Bruno Merz, Jan Lundqvist
Integrated planning that safeguards ecosystems and balances multiple objectives in coastal Belize »

Ecosystem Services and Conservation | Published Work | July 26, 2017

Gregory M. Verutes, Katie K. Arkema, Chantalle Clarke-Samuels, Spencer A. Wood, Amy Rosenthal, Samir Rosado, Maritza Canto, Nadia Bood , Mary Ruckelshaus
Uranium isotope evidence for an expansion of marine anoxia during the end-Triassic extinction »

Ecosystem Services and Conservation, Oceans | Published Work | July 26, 2017

Adam B. Jost , Aviv Bachan, Bas van de Schootbrugge, Kimberly V. Lau, Karrie L. Weaver, Kate Maher, Jonathan L. Payne
Using satellite data to identify the causes of and potential solutions for yield gaps in India's Wheat Belt »

Food Security | Published Work | July 26, 2017

Meha Jain, Balwinder Singh, Amit Srivastava, Ram K. Malik, Andrew McDonald, David B Lobell
DocuScooter: A Novel Robotics Platform for Marine Citizen Science »

Oceans | Published Work | July 25, 2017

David Scaradozzi, Silvia Zingaretti, Luca Panebianco, Corentin Altepe, S. Murat Egi, Marco Palma, Ubaldo Pantaleo, Davide Ferraris, Fiorenza Micheli
The Extension of Biology Through Culture »

Ecosystem Services and Conservation | Published Work | July 25, 2017

Andrew Whitena, Francisco J. Ayalab, Marcus W. Feldmanc, Kevin N. Laland
Integrated structural biology and molecular ecology of N-cycling enzymes from ammonia-oxidizing archaea »

Climate | Published Work | July 21, 2017

Bradley B. Tolar, Jonathan Herrmann, John R. Bargar, Henry van den Bedem, Soichi Wakatsuki, Christopher A. Francis
Cash for carbon: A randomized trial of payments for ecosystem services to reduce deforestation »

Ecosystem Services and Conservation | Published Work | July 21, 2017

Seema Jayachandran, Joost de Laat, Eric F. Lambin, Charlotte Y. Stanton, Robin Audy, Nancy E. Thomas
Hydraulic control of tuna fins: A role for the lymphatic system in vertebrate locomotion »

Oceans | Published Work | July 21, 2017

Vadim Pavlov, Benyamin Rosental, Nathaniel F. Hansen, Jody M. Beers, George Parish, Ian Rowbotham, Barbara A. Block
Mars radar clutter and surface roughness characteristics from MARSIS data »

Ecosystem Services and Conservation | Published Work | July 19, 2017

Bruce A. Campbell, Dustin M. Schroeder, Jennifer L. Whitten