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Publications Author: stephen palumbi

Risk‐sensitive planning for conserving coral reefs under rapid climate change »

Climate | Published Work | June 27, 2018

Hawthorne L. Beyer, Emma V. Kennedy, Maria Beger, Chaolun Allen Chen, Joshua E. Cinner, Emily S. Darling, C. Mark Eakin, Ruth D. Gates, Scott F. Heron, Nancy Knowlton, David O. Obura, Stephen Palumbi, Hugh P. Possingham, Marji Puotinen, Rebecca K. Runtin
Accurate population genetic measurements require cryptic species identification in corals »

Oceans | Published Work | April 29, 2018

Elizabeth A. Sheets, Patricia A. Warner, Stephen Palumbi
Long-term growth rates and effects of bleaching in Acropora hyacinthus »

Oceans | Published Work | January 18, 2018

Zachary Gold, Stephen Palumbi
Coral reefs in the Anthropocene »

Climate, Oceans | Published Work | May 31, 2017

Terry P. Hughes, Michele L. Barnes, David R. Bellwood, Joshua E. Cinner, Graeme S. Cumming, Jeremy B. C. Jackson, Joanie Kleypas, Ingrid A. van de Leemput, Janice M. Lough, Tiffany H. Morrison, Stephen Palumbi, Egbert H. van Nes, Marten Scheffer
Highly localized divergence within supergenes in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) within the Gulf of Maine »

Oceans | Published Work | March 31, 2017

Bryan T. Barney, Christiane Munkholm, David R. Walt, Stephen Palumbi
Predicting Responses to Contemporary Environmental Change Using Evolutionary Response Architectures »

Other | Published Work | March 17, 2017

Rachael A. Bay, Noah Rose, Rowan Barrett, Louis Bernatchez, Cameron K. Ghalambor, Jesse R. Lasky, Rachel B. Brem, Stephen Palumbi, Peter Ralph
Marine Reserves Help Preserve Genetic Diversity After Impacts Derived from Climate Variability: Lessons from the Pink Abalone in Baja California »

Oceans | Published Work | July 31, 2015

Adrián Munguía-Vega, Andrea Sáenz-Arroyo, Ashley P. Greenley, Jose Antonio Espinoza-Montes, Stephen Palumbi, Marisa Rossetto, Fiorenza Micheli
Ocean Acidification Research in the 'Post-Genomic' era: Roadmaps From the Purple Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus Purpuratus »

Oceans | Published Work | July 31, 2015

Tyler G. Evans, Jacqueline L. Padilla-Gamiño, Morgan W. Kelly, Melissa H. Pespeni, Francis Chan, Bruce A. Menge, Brian Gaylord, Tessa M. Hill, Ann D. Russell, Stephen Palumbi, Eric Sanford, Gretchen E. Hofmann
Uncovering Hidden Worlds of Ocean Biodiversity »

Oceans | Published Work | May 22, 2015

E. Virginia Armbrust, Stephen Palumbi
Marine Defaunation: Animal Loss in the Global Ocean »

Oceans | Published Work | January 16, 2015

Douglas J. McCauley, Malin L. Pinsky, Stephen Palumbi, James A. Estes, Francis H. Joyce, Robert R. Warner
Mechanisms of Reef Coral Resistance to Future Climate Change »

Oceans | Published Work | May 23, 2014

Stephen Palumbi, Daniel J. Barshis, Nikki Traylor-Knowles, Rachael A. Bay
Scientific Consensus on Maintaining Humanity's Life Support Systems in the 21st Century: Information for Policymakers »

Ecosystem Services and Conservation | Other | April 1, 2014

Gretchen Daily , Rodolfo Dirzo, Paul Ehrlich , Liz Hadly , Hal Mooney , Rosamond Naylor , Stephen Palumbi
Evolutionary Change During Experimental Ocean Acidification »

Climate, Oceans | Published Work | April 8, 2013

Melissa Pespeni, Melissa H. Pespeni, Eric Sanford, Brian Gaylord, Tessa M. Hill, Jessica D. Hosfelt, Jessica D. Hosfelt, Hannah K. Jaris, Michèle LaVigne, Elizabeth A. Lenz, Ann D. Russell, Megan K. Young, Stephen Palumbi