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Publications Author: jeffrey koseff

Mixing Efficiency in the Presence of Stratification: When Is It Constant? »

Climate, Ecosystem Services and Conservation | Published Work | June 4, 2018

Stephen Monismith, Jeffrey Koseff, Brian L. White
Vertically migrating swimmers generate aggregation-scale eddies in a stratified column »

Ecosystem Services and Conservation | Published Work | April 18, 2018

Isabel A. Houghton, Jeffrey Koseff, Stephen Monismith, John Dabiri
Transport of anisotropic particles under waves »

Climate | Published Work | January 17, 2018

Michelle DiBenedetto, Nicholas T. Ouellette, Jeffrey Koseff
Transport of inertial anisotropic particles under surface gravity waves »

Oceans | Published Work | May 8, 2017

Michelle DiBenedetto, Jeffrey Koseff, Nicholas Ouellette
Free-surface tracking of submerged features to infer hydrodynamic flow characteristics »

Oceans | Published Work | November 1, 2016

Tracy Mandel, Itay Rosenzweig, Jeffrey Koseff
On the mixing efficiency in stably stratified turbulence »

Oceans | Published Work | August 30, 2016

Karan Venayagamoorthy, Jeffrey Koseff
Direct measurements of flux Richardson number in the nearshore coastal ocean »

Oceans | Published Work | August 29, 2016

Jeffrey Koseff, Ryan Walter, Jamie Dunckley, Michael Squibb, Brock Woodson, Geno Pawlak, Stephen G Monismith
On the Flux Richardson Number in Stably Stratified Turbulence »

Oceans | Published Work | July 1, 2016

Subhas K. Venayagamoorthy, Jeffrey Koseff
Marine and Coastal Impacts of Ocean Desalination in California »

Freshwater | Published Work | May 23, 2016

Leon Szeptycki, Eric Hartge, Newsha Ajami, Ashley Erickson, Walter N. Heady, Latise LaFeir, Barbara Meister, Lily Verdone, Jeffrey Koseff
Bivalve Grazing Can Shape Phytoplankton Communities »

Oceans | Published Work | February 18, 2016

Lisa V. Lucas, James E. Cloern, Janet K. Thompson, Mark T. Stacey, Jeffrey Koseff
Characteristics of Bolus Formation and Propagation from Breaking Internal Waves on Shelf Slopes »

Oceans | Published Work | February 1, 2016

Christine Moore, Jeffrey Koseff, Erin Hult
Three-Dimensional Wave-Coupled Hydrodynamics Modeling in South San Francisco Bay »

Oceans | Published Work | December 1, 2015

Yi-Ju Chou, Rusty C. Holleman, Oliver B. Fringer, Mark T. Stacey, Stephen Monismith, Jeffrey Koseff
The Attenuation of Current- and Wave-Driven Flow with Submerged Multispecific Vegetative Canopies »

Oceans | Published Work | September 16, 2015

Joel S. Weitzman, Robert B. Zeller, Florence I. M. Thomas, Jeffrey Koseff
A Simple and Practical Model for Combined Wave-Current Canopy Flows »

Oceans | Published Work | February 24, 2015

Jeffrey Koseff, Robert B. Zeller, Francisco J. Zarama, Joel S. Weitzman
Stratified Turbulence in the Nearshore Coastal Ocean: Dynamics and Evolution in the Presence of Internal Bores »

Oceans | Published Work | December 18, 2014

Ryan K. Walter, Michael E. Squibb, C. Brock Woodson, Jeffrey Koseff, Stephen Monismith
On the Use of Refractive Index Matched Hydrogel for Fluid Velocity Measurement in and Around Geometrically Complex Solid Obstructions »

Oceans | Published Work | November 21, 2014

Joel S. Weitzman, Lianna C. Samuel, Anna E. Craig, Robert B. Zeller, Stephen Monismith, Jeffrey Koseff
Improved Parameterization of Seagrass Blade Dynamics and Wave Attenuation Based on Numerical and Laboratory Experiments »

Oceans | Published Work | January 26, 2014

Robert B. Zeller, Joel S. Weitzman, Morgan E. Abbett, Francisco J. Zarama, Oliver Fringer, Jeffrey Koseff
Interaction of Waves and Currents With Kelp Forests (Macrocystis pyrifera): Insights From a Dynamically Scaled Laboratory Model »

Climate, Ecosystem Services and Conservation, Oceans | Published Work | May 1, 2013

Johanna H. Rosman, Mark W. Denny, Robert B. Zeller, Stephen Monismith, Jeffrey Koseff
Comparison of Mixing Efficiency and Vertical Diffusivity Models from Temperature Microstructure »

Oceans | Published Work | October 1, 2012

Dunckley, J.F., Jeffrey Koseff, Steinbuck, J.V., Stephen Monismith, Genin, A.