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Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment


Lessons for a cap-and-trade program »

Climate | Other | May 18, 2006

Dallas Burtraw, Alexander Farrell, Larry Goulder, Carla Peterman
Intensity Spikes in Concern on Warming; Many See a Change in Weather Patterns »

Climate, Public Opinion Research | Other | March 26, 2006

Jon Krosnick
America's Report Card on the Environment »

Climate, Public Opinion Research, Public Opinion Research | Surveys | March 21, 2006

Jon Krosnick
Losing the Links Between Livestock and Land »

Food Security | Published Work | December 9, 2005

Rosamond Naylor, Henning Steinfeld, Walter Falcon, James Galloway, Vaclav Smil, Eric Bradford, Jackie Alder, Harold Mooney
The Origins And Consequences Of Democratic Citizens' Policy Agendas: A Study Of Popular Concern About Global Warming »

Climate, Public Opinion Research | Published Work | December 1, 2005

Jon Krosnick, Allyson Holbrook, Laura Lowe, Penny S. Visser
Permanent El Nino–Like Conditions During the Pliocene Warm Period »

Climate | Published Work | July 29, 2005

Michael Wara, Ana Christina Ravelo, Margaret L. Delaney
Policy Paper on the Endangered Species Act and Federalism »

Ecosystem Services and Conservation | Other | February 24, 2005

Kaush Arha, Barton "Buzz" Thompson
Exploiting Wind vs. Coal »

Climate | Published Work | August 24, 2001

Mark Jacobson, Gilbet Masters
The impact of the fall 1997 debate about global warming on American public opinion »

Climate, Public Opinion Research | Published Work | September 1, 1998

Jon Krosnick, Allyson Holbrook, Penny S. Visser
American Opinion on Global Warming The Impact of the Fall 1997 Debate »

Climate, Public Opinion Research | Surveys | September 1, 1998

Jon Krosnick, Penny S. Visser, Allyson Holbrook