Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment


A dynamic ocean management tool to reduce bycatch and support sustainable fisheries »

Oceans | Published Work | May 30, 2018

Elliott L. Hazen, Kylie L. Scales, Sara M. Maxwell, Dana K. Briscoe, Heather Welch, Steven J. Bograd, Helen Bailey, Scott R. Benson, Tomo Eguchi, Heidi Dewar, Suzy Kohin, Daniel P. Costa, Larry Crowder, Rebecca L. Lewison
Prevalence of elevated blood lead levels among pregnant women and sources of lead exposure in rural Bangladesh: A case control study »

Public Health | Published Work | May 24, 2018

Jenna E.Forsyth, M.Saiful Islam, Sarker Masud Parvez, Rubhana Raqib, M.Sajjadur Rahman, E. Marie Muehe, Scott Fendorf, Stephen Luby
Temporal variability in thermally-driven cross-shore exchange: the role of semidiurnal tides »

Climate, Oceans | Published Work | May 22, 2018

Hugo N. Ulloa, Kristen A. Davis, Stephen Monismith, Geno Pawlak

L-band vegetation optical depth seasonal metrics for crop yield assessment »

Food Security | Published Work | May 19, 2018

David Chaparro, Maria Piles, Mercè Vall-llossera, Adriano Camps, Alexandra Konings, Dara Entekhabi
Single-camera three-dimensional tracking of natural particulate and zooplankton »

Oceans | Published Work | May 17, 2018

Valerie A Troutman, John Dabiri
Transport Between Palau and the Eastern Coral Triangle: Larval Connectivity or Near Misses »

Other | Published Work | May 16, 2018

Stephen G. Monismith, Mallory K. Barkdull, Yuta Nunome, Satoshi Mitarai
Satellite detection of cover crops and their effects on crop yield in the Midwestern United States »

Food Security | Published Work | May 15, 2018

Christopher Alfons Seifert, George Azzari, David Lobell
Biodegradation of Polyethylene and Plastic Mixtures in Mealworms (Larvae of Tenebrio molitor) and Effects on the Gut Microbiome »

Climate | Published Work | May 15, 2018

Anja Malawi Brandon, Shu-Hong Gao, Renmao Tian, Daliang Ning, Shan-Shan Yang, Jizhong Zhou, Wei-Min Wu, Craig S. Criddle
Species coexistence through simultaneous fluctuation-dependent mechanisms »

Climate | Published Work | May 15, 2018

Andrew D. Letten, Manpreet K. Dhami, Po-Ju Ke, Tadashi Fukami
The global overlap of bioenergy and carbon sequestration potential »

Climate | Published Work | May 8, 2018

P. A. Turner, Katharine Mach, David Lobell, S. M. Benson, E. Baik, D. L. Sanchez, Christopher Field
Physiological constraints on marine mammal body size »

Oceans | Published Work | May 8, 2018

J. A. Goldbogen
Vertical-axis wind turbine experiments at full dynamic similarity »

Ecosystem Services and Conservation, Sustainable Development | Published Work | May 8, 2018

Mark A. Miller, Subrahmanyam Duvvuri, Ian Brownstein, Marcus Lee, John O. Dabiri, Marcus Hultmark
Prevalence and risk factors for Taenia solium cysticercosis in school-aged children: A school based study in western Sichuan, People’s Republic of China »

Public Health | Published Work | May 8, 2018

John Openshaw, Alexis Medina, Stephen A. Felt, Tiaoying Li, Zhou Huan, Scott Rozelle, Stephen Luby
Presentation Number OI-31 - Identifying Acceptable and Feasible Infection Control Interventions for Nipah Encephalitis Outbreaks in Bangladesh »

Public Health | Published Work | May 3, 2018

Shahana N./A.Parveen, Emily S.Gurley, Hossain M.S.Sazzad, Rebeca Sultana, M. SaifulIslam, Barbara Knust, Ute Stroeher, Ilana J.Schafer, Stephen Luby, Shua J. Chai
Plant acclimation to long-term high nitrogen deposition in an N-rich tropical forest »

Climate | Published Work | May 1, 2018

Xiankai Lu, Peter M. Vitousek, Qinggong Mao, Frank S. Gilliam, Yiqi Luo, Guoyi Zhou, Xiaoming Zou, Edith Bai, Todd M. Scanlon, Enqing Hou, Jiangming Mo
A manganese–hydrogen battery with potential for grid-scale energy storage »

Sustainable Development | Published Work | April 30, 2018

Wei Chen, Guodong Li, Allen Pei, Yuzhang Li, Lei Liao, Hongxia Wang, Jiayu Wan, Zheng Liang, Guangxu Chen, Hao Zhang, Jiangyan Wang, Yi Cui