Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment



Sustainability Standards: Interactions Between Private Actors, Civil Society, and Governments »

Sustainable Development | Published Work | October 31, 2018

Eric Lambin, Tannis Thorlakson
Progresses in Polystyrene Biodegradation and Prospects for Solutions to Plastic Waste Pollution »

Ecosystem Services and Conservation, Oceans | Published Work | June 19, 2018

S S Yang, A M Brandon, D F Xing, J Yang, J W Pang, C S Criddle, N Q Ren, W M Wu
Acceptability and Feasibility of Sharing a Soapy Water System for Handwashing in a Low-Income Urban Community in Dhaka, Bangladesh: A Qualitative Study »

Public Health | Published Work | June 11, 2018

Farhana Sultana, Leanne Unicomb, Fosiul Nizame, Notan Chandra Dutta, Pavani K. Ram, Stephen Luby, Peter J. Winch
Toward Sustainable Multifunctional Coatings Containing Nanocellulose in a Hybrid Glass Matrix »

Climate | Published Work | June 8, 2018

Farhan Ansari, Yichuan Ding, Lars A. Berglund, Reinhold Dauskardt
Bright spots in agricultural landscapes: Identifying areas exceeding expectations for multifunctionality and biodiversity »

Climate, Ecosystem Services and Conservation | Published Work | June 8, 2018

Barbara Frei, Delphine Renard, Matthew G.E. Mitchell, Verena Seufert, Rebecca Chaplin‐Kramer, Jeanine M. Rhemtulla, Elena M Bennett
The use of poly-cation oxides to lower the temperature of two-step thermochemical water splitting »

Climate, Ecosystem Services and Conservation | Published Work | June 8, 2018

Shang Zhai, Jimmy Rojas, Nadia Ahlbor, Kipil Lim, Michael F. Toney, Hyungyu Jin, William C. Chueh, Arun Majumdar
Mixing Efficiency in the Presence of Stratification: When Is It Constant? »

Climate, Ecosystem Services and Conservation | Published Work | June 4, 2018

Stephen Monismith, Jeffrey Koseff, Brian L. White
Prevalence of elevated blood lead levels among pregnant women and sources of lead exposure in rural Bangladesh: A case control study »

Public Health | Published Work | May 24, 2018

Jenna E.Forsyth, M.Saiful Islam, Sarker Masud Parvez, Rubhana Raqib, M.Sajjadur Rahman, E. Marie Muehe, Scott Fendorf, Stephen Luby
Temporal variability in thermally-driven cross-shore exchange: the role of semidiurnal tides »

Climate, Oceans | Published Work | May 22, 2018

Hugo N. Ulloa, Kristen A. Davis, Stephen Monismith, Geno Pawlak

L-band vegetation optical depth seasonal metrics for crop yield assessment »

Food Security | Published Work | May 19, 2018

David Chaparro, Maria Piles, Mercè Vall-llossera, Adriano Camps, Alexandra Konings, Dara Entekhabi
Single-camera three-dimensional tracking of natural particulate and zooplankton »

Oceans | Published Work | May 17, 2018

Valerie A Troutman, John Dabiri
Transport Between Palau and the Eastern Coral Triangle: Larval Connectivity or Near Misses »

Other | Published Work | May 16, 2018

Stephen G. Monismith, Mallory K. Barkdull, Yuta Nunome, Satoshi Mitarai
Satellite detection of cover crops and their effects on crop yield in the Midwestern United States »

Food Security | Published Work | May 15, 2018

Christopher Alfons Seifert, George Azzari, David Lobell
Biodegradation of Polyethylene and Plastic Mixtures in Mealworms (Larvae of Tenebrio molitor) and Effects on the Gut Microbiome »

Climate | Published Work | May 15, 2018

Anja Malawi Brandon, Shu-Hong Gao, Renmao Tian, Daliang Ning, Shan-Shan Yang, Jizhong Zhou, Wei-Min Wu, Craig S. Criddle